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Mastering the art of footwear fit, for all walks of life.

What Drives Us

Who We Are

We imagine a world where everyone’s shoes are a perfect match. At Iambic, we’re stepping up to revolutionize the industry by empowering brands and retailers to pair every consumer with their ideal fit. 

Our Data-Driven Fit Platform (DFP) integrates with ecommerce sites and apps to deliver our Virtual Fit Assessment and personalized size and product recommendations.

Our Science

Our Science

We aren't just a technology company, we are a footwear science & technology company. Our team and advisors consist of the world’s top experts across footwear, biomechanics, podiatry, computer vision, machine learning, and material science. They shape the technological innovations we apply to industry solutions.

Iambic has multiple major, upcoming studies in partnership with the top musculoskeletal research institute and supported by the National Science Foundation.

If you're interested in learning more or would like an invitation to participate, reach out to us here.

Our Vision

Our Vision

Nobody should feel shoed into an imperfect fit. Building a world where every step is comfortable requires a focus on concrete, active solutions and changing the conversation about footwear.

Our Community

Our Community

In our commitment to inclusivity and making lifelong mobility available to all, we’ve built Iambisphere: a community of footwear enthusiasts whose insights are shaping the future of shoe fit.

Contact us here to learn more about Iambisphere.


What We Offer

Our Data-Driven Fit Platform takes the trial and error out of footwear fit and fuels groundbreaking clinical research.

API & Longterm Insights

Nearly 40% of footwear purchased online are returned, costing the industry $16B annually in shipping, processing and restocking expenses. The #1 reason? Poor fit.

Our API empowers retailers and brands with the data necessary to generate accurate fit predictions. In other words, Iambic’s Virtual Fit Assessment helps match the right products in the right sizes with the right shoppers. Over time, brands would also get unprecedented consumer insights, revealing opportunities to improve product design.

Reduced returns


Reduced returns
Increased conversions
Demand prediction

Bringing Foot Care to Footwear

2 out of every 3 people wear shoes that don’t actually fit their feet. Poor fit can cause discomfort and injuries, as well as permanent harm and disfigurement.

Iambic’s technology analyzes foot shape as well as foot issues, lifestyle needs and personal style to enable shoppers to easily pick the perfect pair every time. We consider the ability to walk in the right size without pain foundational to lifelong mobility.

Bringing foot care to footwear


Accurate sizing
without trial and error
Contact-free shoe fitting
Walking without discomfort
Kicking off lifelong mobility


Learn more about the background, mission, and science driving Iambic.

Learn more about the background, mission, and science driving Iambic.

Learn more about the background, mission, and science driving Iambic.

Our Team

Maeve Wang, Founder & CEO
Maeve Wang
Founder, CEO
Raza Hassan, PhD, Research & Development
Raza Hassan, PhD
Research & Development
Morteza Haeri, PhD, Technical Development
Morteza Haeri, PhD
Technical Development
Tanya DeSelm, Design, Branding
Tanya DeSelm
Design, Branding
Mike Armistead, Data Science
Mike Armistead
Data Science
Frank Mojica, User Experience, Content
Frank Mojica
User Experience, Content

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